About Us

[two_third] [h2]Who we are[/h2] Online Business Brokers.Com was started by Faith Kriner. Faith was truly an entrepreneur, she has owned and operated several businesses including a private investigation and recovery business, a childcare center, and was owner of a manufacturing and distribution company. She also has a degree from SP College.
[p] Faith moved from upstate NY in the 80?s and settled in Sunny Florida. She has been practicing real estate since 1984. She worked for VR Business Brokers in Clearwater, FL, quickly achieving the top sales position. Faith also worked for a large private business brokerage firm in Sarasota and once again achieved the top sales position there as well. Faith with her entrepreneurial spirit, decided to open her own firm in 2003 naming it Online Business Brokers. Com in St. Petersburg, FL. She has received numerous annual awards for sales exceeding 1 million. Faith sold Online Business Brokers.Com to her daughter Diana Cullom and her business partner Fatima Baychorova. They both have been involved with Online Business Brokers since 2003.
[p] Faith has given her agents extensive training and has required mandatory attendance at all educational business brokerage seminars. This training continues on today in the company so the team has current market knowledge and is up to date with the laws and skills needed to help make your transition a successful one.
[/two_third] [one_third_last][h2]What we do[/h2][list icon=’http://trendis.si/wp-themes/genius/wp-content/themes/genius/images/li-custom-image.png’ ][list_li] Business Brokerage[/list_li][list_li] Consulting[/list_li][/list]More services[/one_third_last] [h2]Meet our fantastic team[/h2][team][team_member name=’Fatima Baychorova’ img=’http://s609073545.onlinehome.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/fatima.jpg’  position=’Owner and CEO’][/team_member][/team]