Why Use a Broker?

Even experienced sellers recognize that selling your business can distract you from effectively running your business. Owners less familiar with the process also face additional difficulties and stress in understanding how to effectively identify qualified buyers, present information, respond to buyer inquiries and maintain essential confidentiality during the sale process. One of our primary concerns is the confidentiality of your business during that selling cycle. The knowledge of your business for sale by your employees, competitors, customers or suppliers could be significantly damaging. We use a successful strategy to protect your confidentiality and the identity of your company by using a “blind profile” (which will describe the company without revealing its identity) when advertising your business. We never disclose the name or location of your business until buyers have been qualified and have signed a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. It is very time consuming to weed through all the lookers, tire kickers and properly handle the bonafide buyers. We handle this task for you so you can spend your time increasing the value of your business by doing your job while we do ours. Our business is selling your business.

Business purchasers face similar challenges in finding suitable business opportunities, identifying and obtaining the essential information needed for effective due diligence, identifying and negotiating contract terms and getting executed purchase agreements to a successful closing.

We help you cut through the confusion, find qualified buyers and businesses that best suit your plans and circumstances, focus on key issues, quickly identify and resolve potential problems, and get you to closing quickly and confidently.